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15/06/2022 Source: SALFAR

Ideas for food and business innovation in times of climate change

The Inspiration Catalogue of salt-tolerant plants

The purpose of this catalogue is to provide you, the food producer, wholesaler, retailer, cook, chef; the interested person - anyone - who has an interest in food, with some inspiration and ideas concerning saline-grown produce. We also offer links to resources that you may find useful and which may inspire you in developing food products using these interesting ingredients. We also offer some ideas to get you thinking about branding, the consumer and business development.

In this catalogue we have done the easy bit (well, only a bit of the easy bit, because there is a great deal more material that we haven't been able to include!) in cataloguing some ideas and concepts and listing some links to the work of others.

These ‘others’, farmers, scientists, technologists, food producers, entrepreneurs, food enthusiasts of all kinds, have taken an idea - 'maybe we can do something with salt affected soils?' - and gone off in to many different areas to explore that idea. They have developed the science, grown the crops, tested the plant species, evolved techniques, created the recipes that demonstrate: 'yes, we can do something with salt affected soils and also with the foods we can grow in them'. In doing so, they have given us all a better chance of maintaining food production along our coastlines despite the rising sea levels caused by climate change. Oh! and saline grown products also offer some surprising benefits which you can learn more about in these pages.

The Inspiration Catalogue of salt-tolerant plants