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Zeker zilt

The effects of climate change on our planet, such as rising temperatures on land and sea, the loss of forests, nature, and biodiversity, and the consequent threats to all living things, are becoming increasingly evident and impactful.

Salinization is a growing problem—or rather, a challenge—worldwide. Only the Amazon and Greenland are unaffected by the salting of soil and groundwater. In the Wadden Sea region, efforts are being made to explore opportunities and solutions (innovations) to address this challenge and discover what is possible and what results can be achieved.

Salinization has always been a concern, but in recent years it has been accelerating, causing significant changes in agriculture. Freshwater availability is decreasing, and each year the global area of arable land is shrinking. Salinization affects both surface water and groundwater. Causes include irrigation, groundwater over-extraction, land subsidence, groundwater drainage, increased evaporation, rising sea levels, and more frequent flooding. Global warming and climate change are accelerating this process. Polders, coastal areas, and river deltas are particularly affected.

We can either try to counteract these changes or embrace them and adapt our habits and methods. The Dutch project Zeker Zilt clearly chooses to adapt to salinization and focuses on finding new methods to manage it while simultaneously improving crop and soil quality through innovation.

According to Zeker Zilt, the solution lies in new robust potato varieties and specific organic fertilization to create added value through quality and taste improvement, healthier soil, and increased nutrients in crops.

The results of the Zeker Zilt project will be presented during the closing symposium Zeker Zilt.

The symposium will take place on June 20, 2024, at the Waddencenter on the Afsluitdijk.

The program with the exact start time will be provided later, but you can already register via the form below.

The Waddencenter has limited seating, so it's first come, first served.

Symposium Details

Date: June 20, 2024
Time: 10:00 - 16:30
Location: Waddencenter Afsluitdijk, Afsluitdijk 1c, Kornwerderzand, Friesland 8752TP, Nederland + Google Maps
Website: Zeker Zilt Symposium
Organizer's Website: Zeker Zilt

You can register using the form at the bottom of the Blauwe Polder website:

The Zeker Zilt project is made possible by the Waddenfonds.